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Westfall Cemetery, Cora


The Cora Cemetery, also known as the Westfall Cemetery, is named after the first husband and wife buried there, Minerva Jane Failing Westfall and James A. Westfall who were interred in the early 1900’s.  The additional families that are part of the historical Westfall section of the Cora Cemetery are the Rahm and Binning families.  These historical graves can be seen in the fenced off, southwestern section of the cemetery.  In 1971 the United States government awarded Sublette County 4.57 acres for cemetery use only, and in 1973 the Cora Cemetery was moved under the control and maintenance of the Upper Green River Cemetery District.   In 1987 a land swap was completed with a nearby landowner to expand and improve the Cora Cemetery with the latest enlargement completed in 2020.

10 McAmis Mountain View Road, Cora, WY
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