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The formation of the Upper Green River Cemetery District began on May 2, 1972, when the Sublette County Commissions voted to form a Special Cemetery District and a motion was approved to direct the County Clerk’s office to initiate the procedures to set up a special district.  The special district was approved at the August primary election in 1973, then at the general election in November of the same year the board members were voted on.  The first board members were Jim King Jr., Marion Boroff, Pat Johnson, Jean Riser, Bill Dockham and Chet Hubbard.  The new board approved the hiring of Michael Denny as the first Sexton.


Chairman – Jana Bloxham

Secretary/Treasurer – Holly Thayne

Vice-Chairman – Don Schooley

Board Member – Dwight Dibben

Board Member – Mary Ellen Schooley

Board Member – Carmen Hittle

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